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Below is a verbatim copy of the invite that is emailed out to everyone on our invite list.

To: you
From: bianca
Subject: bianca party invitation

you are invited to bianca's birthday party!

bianca is turning 6! like most 6 year old girls, she likes slumber
parties, frilly dresses, particle physics, snacks, shaking her little
behind, and playing pin the tail on the donkey. and we're doing it all!
bianca loves you, and she wants you to come to her party.
so what are you waiting for?

bianca's 6th birthday party (b6) will be held at a private mountain lodge
amid the scenic slopes of mt. tamalpais. the party will begin on friday
evening and will end promptly at 8am on sunday morning. really, it has to
end promptly, or the grownups who own the lodge will be very cross.

come join bianca and her loving biancateers the weekend of January 21-23
and help celebrate 6 years of bianca's love. the party is free, of course.
bianca will provide the birthday cake; you must supply your own sleeping
bag, frilly dress, and donkey.

for more info,
such as driving directions and suggested items to bring, please visit: