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Friday Pot Luck Dinner Item
If you plan on coming up friday night, we are having a Pot Luck Dinner on friday night and are requesting that people bring atleast one item for the Pot Luck. It can be anything from a 6-pack of beer or a bottle of wine (we are hoping plenty of people bring beer/wine :) to an appetizer, desert, or entree.

Staying Friday or Saturday Night?
If you plan on staying either or both nights, you will need to bring warm bedding items, like a Thermarest, sleeping bag, blankets, and pillow. As there are only 20 beds, many people will have to sleep on the floors.

Warm Clothes
As it can get cold up there, you should bring a set of nice and warm clothes: hats, gloves, warm coats, etc...

If you think you may want to shower, you will have to bring all your own shower stuff, especially a towel. And don't forget your oral hygiene too.

As bianca will only be serving sangria, you may want to bring soda, juice, water, wine, and beer to share.

The lodge is nestled in the middle of Mt. Tam, and thus there are hundreds, if not thousands, of miles of gorgeous scenery and wonderful hiking. bianca highly suggests that while you are up there, that you try and get a hike in: its fantabulous. If you do plan on going hiking, you will want to bring some hiking gear.