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b6 - January 21 & 22
We're sorry, but we got shut down by the owners of the space; there will be no fesitivities on Saturday the 22nd.
what: bianca's 6th birthday party (b6)
when: Friday evening to early Sunday morning 7AM
where: Private mountain lodge amid the scenic slopes of Mt. Tamalpais
price: Free. Why? Because bianca loves you!

Its that time of year again, and bianca is once again celebrating her birthday! And this year, the party is extra special. Not only is celebrating what may be the oldest operating commercial site on the web (6 years strong now) but this is also a celebration of bianca's merger with the mighty fine folks at!

To mark this extra special occasion, bianca decided to throw an extra special party! This year, bianca's traditional free birthday party gathering, is a non-stop 2 day celebration complete with wine, food, song and dance at a private mountain lodge in the woods of Mt. Tamalpias!

Come join bianca and her loving biancateers the weekend of January 21 & 22 and help celebrate 6 years of bianca's love.

(click on the lodge photo to explore inside)