The Foreplaya party is bianca's biggest fundraising party of the year. It comes between her birthday party in February and her Burning Man shack in September, both of which are open-doored, extravagant, admissionless exhibitions of her love for everyone.

The love is no less at the Foreplaya party, in fact greater thanks than ever are due to those who attend, because your partying joy will help to make possible bianca's week-long party at Burning Man.

Tickets are $15 and are available on-line and at Aquarius Records in San Francisco. There will only be room for 300 guests at this party, so we encourage you to buy your ticket early.

We will be awarding Party Scholarships for Foreplaya, if you have partying skill to share bianca believes you should be recognized for it.

The location for the Foreplaya party is still a secret. And it will be until the day of the party.

Why the secrecy?

Well, think of it this way--bianca builds her parties from the ground up to make sure they are unique and harmonious, and that they will be fit for you and all of those who gather. In that sense, the party space has not even been created yet. When it is created, it will be in an easily accessible indoor location somewhere in San Francisco.

In pursuit of further excellence in partying...