Good question. A question that too few people really think about. What does to party mean anyway? Some people mistakenly think that it means to drink as much alcohol as possible, as in:

I don't remember much of my freshman year, I was partying too much.

But it's not that simple. Anyone who has thrown and attended both good and bad parties knows that keg volume alone does not assure a good time. Great parties have something magical that you can't quite put your finger on--is it the people, the atmosphere, the "vibe." It's kinda spooky, if you actually bother to think about it

what makes a party a party?

bianca prides herself in her parties. but she knows that she still has a lot to learn. But she knows she still has a lot to offer. There are many who are wise in the ways of partying, and there are new partying techniques being utilized all the time. For bianca's parties to continue to be the best parties available to mammals, it's essential that she tap into the vital energy of contemporary partying.

And that's why...