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Stone Soup

Photo courtesy bianca
What it is: Peace, love and sandwiches for all from the "trolls" who maintain the online community (known mainly for its live chat area, Bianca's Smut Shack). According to co-founder freeform, "Attendees dress up in sexy outfits and are hosted to a fine house party of delicious homegrown delights, including groovy grooves, comfy couches, tasty treats and plenty of grilled cheese!" (Grilled cheese sandwiches are a Bianca staple, a simple pleasure "served hot from a tray held by a sexy server.")

When it happens: The main events are a Bianca birthday party in February, a fund-raiser in mid-June and a Burning Man camp in August-September.

Photo courtesy bianca
Technology factor: Photos are posted on and perhaps the parties are discussed amid the sex chat and hobbyist-newsgroup posts going on at, but the events themselves are technology-free aside from the electronica on the turntables. Freeform writes, "During the 1997 tour we tried to Webcast a few of the parties, but found that running technical machinery at a party is of no interest to us. We like to PARTY when we party."

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