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Burning Man


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Stone Soup

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Evolution: BiancaTroll Productions started holding get-togethers in Chicago in 1993; these community-builders turned into the site. With a move to San Francisco, the partying began in earnest. Supersaturation came with 1997's birthday party, the Summer of Smut tour, a Burning Man camp and various appearances either as hosts or co-hosts before they did it all again in 1998. Freeform says:

Photo courtesy bianca

As with the Web site, we arrange a great environment for a party and rely on a lot of "user participation" to really make the event.

In the past year or so, the parties seemed to get out of our control and go beyond our own comfort levels in the smut department. Bianca is a soft, loving, feminine kind of smut, but the kind of smut we were seeing at our parties was more hard, raw and masculine in nature; porn. Bianca is NOT porn!

We didn't really know how to control the smut level without completely cutting it out, and what fun would that be? We've had a difficult time with it all. But, like all things Bianca, we are evolving.

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