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item status
poles for 4th dome open will purchase on Aug28 HD run
|____| wheel open
lots of 3' 4' rebar open got some, need more
grills open: we need at least two working grills
conduit fittings open purchase on Aug28 HD run
20 10' conduit open will purchase on Aug28 HD run
2 10' 1" pipes for tent braces open will get on Aug28 HD run
wooden "bianca" sign open
"dean" tables open: we have none. we need 3+
dome content/activity talk open
beauty supplies open
reading material open: need lots of picture heavy reading material. comics
large brooms, or rakes open
large sharpies open form on it
10 5gal water jugs for kitchen open: wired delivered 5. 5 more needed
water pump open
determine packing schedule open
determine layout schedule open
talk about kitchen layout open
determine arrival schedule open
wood pallets open,, none so far
lots of rope open form on it
couches/chairs have about 20, could always use more
parachutes for 4 domes 4 chutes gotten
confirm diesel fuel delivery confirmed
get more fabric and sew it susan in on fabric
sew roof to fit to tent frame sewed and delivered to grommeters
get a medium size fridge gotten!
lots of zip/cable ties to secure roof to frame some gotten, but we are using shock cord mostly
what up with shower chirstina is rocking!
what up with mister action? eddie is on it. water??
arrange food, and JIB (Just Intime Bread) paul and lucy. its under control
should we pass out cigerettes? people said yes.
ladders dan, dean, shawna have ladders
everyone needs to get their own work gloves individual responsibility
power tools,, drills, saws, etc.. if ya got 'em, bring 'em
lots of ducttape gotten
screws/nails gotten
electrical mikeK is on it
contractor bags gotten
conduit junction boxes gotten. could use a few more for back up
blacklights thank you CP
x-mas lights gotten
bubble machine gotten
smoke machine not essential, but it would be fun
jigsaw blades gotten

------------------------- 1999 BUDGET -------------------------
tent frame  $1700 (bianca.com covered. not in budget)
tent roof   $800  (bianca.com covered. not in budget)
trucks      $2000
stereo      $2000
food        $1000 (a guess, can we spend less?)
generator   $800
gen fuel    $400 
3 domes     $800 ($400 spent so far)
x-mas lite  $400
electrical  $300 (a guess)
miscellany  $300
TOTAL       $8000

.ORG has    $5000
$$ needed:  $3000

1998 Bible