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[TXT] HEADER.html 120 [IMG] P9010385.jpg 38K Brian in the 'Dodge [IMG] P9010386.jpg 51K Dean, Marci, Elly, and Wayne keeping warm [IMG] P9010387.jpg 39K Beware of Love Dodge owner! [IMG] P9010388.jpg 26K Brian again [IMG] P9010413.jpg 37K Dean in Marcy's dome [IMG] P9010416.jpg 26K Dean again [IMG] P9010419.jpg 32K Julie reading [IMG] P9010420.jpg 43K bianca loves you! [IMG] P9010421.jpg 29K Shawna and Wayne [IMG] P9010434.jpg 33K Dean spinning [IMG] P9010435.jpg 18K bianca's sign [TXT] README.html 175
The rest of Wayne's pictures are here