The hard working folks at bianca's have already hit the playa for this years Burning Man, and are not sleeping until this years camp is completed (see photo above).

Without giving too much away, this years camp is roughly 6 times bigger than last years, and will feature over 450 couches and 7 high tech, state-of-the-art kitchens. At the unveiling ceremonies, scheduled for the first official day of the celebration, it is rumored that they will be showing off their auto-mo-tronic-grilled cheese cooker and cutter, leaving more time for the loving folks at bianca's to serve their fine food.

The camp will also be the first of it's kind to offer peaceful roller coasters (dubbed MellowCoasters by one biancan).

For a closer look at what exactly is being built, please follow this link.

More information from the front coming soon....

and remember, bianca loves you!