WHAT: Platonic, an outdoor groove party/picnic
WHEN: Sunday May 21
WHERE: Stafford Lake
WHO: bianca and you!
WHY: To enjoy the platonic ideal of an afternoon!

bianca has been studying a bit of philosophy of late, and she's got a bee in her bonnet over some ideas espoused by old Mr. Plato. Plato had this notion that the ideal form of a thing exists in abstract; that the world we see is composed of reproductions of those abstract ideal things.

now, bianca has never been known to be humble. frankly, she thinks Plato is dead wrong, and she's aiming to prove him wrong at Stafford Lake Park in lovely Novato on the afternoon of Sunday, May 21 from noon until 7pm. on this day, bianca will create the platonic ideal of an afternoon right here on earth. not one of those copies, but IT: the ultimate, perfect, immortal afternoon. (and well, if she doesn't succeed, she'll have a fine time trying!)

this is where you come in. bianca has the location. she has grilled cheese, the food of the gods! and that celestial music known as shack groove. but the platonic ideal of an afternoon requires the best of company. so please bring yourself and a friend or two, and a picnic, and some toys. please do not forward this invite to lists, as the platonic ideal contains only happy park rangers.

if you didn't make it to b6 in time, then feel free to bring your leftover donkey. however, the park does not allow dogs, so sneaking in your donkey disguised as a dog is out of the question.

from the golden gate bridge take 101 north to novato
take the atherton avenue - san marin drive exit

turn left off the exit onto san marin drive
and go west about 1 1/2 miles

just past the high school, turn right on novato blvd

after about 3 1/2 miles you'll see the entrance to
the park on your left